The Reagan County Care Center has 12 positive cases of COVID-19.

Reagan Hospital District CEO Jonathon Voelkel confirmed the cases with the Wildcat on Tuesday.

"All 12 are currently in stable condition," Voelkel said. "The remaining residents all tested negative for the virus."

Along with the 12 residents, Voelkel also confirmed that a total of 11 Care Center employees have also tested positive for the virus.

"We tested all residents and employees once we started seeing positives in the facility," Voelkel said. "We are working to get a complete picture of the virus' spread, and are actively working to stop its spread within the Care Center."

Voelkel said there are pending results on the employee side of the testing due to a shipping issue over the weekend.

"We do have a set of employees that are waiting on their results," Voelkel said. "Their tests were shipped out on Friday, but the box ended up sitting in a warehouse over the weekend instead of being delivered directly to the lab. The specimen, once collected in the viral media, is only good for 48 hours. After that it begins to degrade and increases the propensity of a bad result. We ended up having to retest those employees."

The Wildcat reported the first six positive cases at the Care Center last Thursday. Since that point, the figure has doubled to 12.

The Reagan Hospital District board of trustees was updated on the Care Center situation during their regular meeting Monday night.

Voelkel told the board that the Care Center has been split into three zones according to HHS and FEMA guidelines.

"Those zones are labeled red, yellow and green," Voelkel said. "We had to construct removable walls that separate each zone."

The green zone houses residents who show no symptoms of COVID-19 and have tested negative.

The yellow zone is for residents who are showing some symptoms of the virus, but have not returned a positive result.

The red zone houses residents who are COVID-19 positive.

"We are working with HHS and FEMA to have the care center decontaminated," Voelkel said. "I fully expect that team to be on site this week. We will have to remove residents, one zone at a time, from the facility as their area is decontaminated. We are working on the best options right now to make that happen safely for our residents."

Voelkel said the district as a whole is currently operating without 10 percent of its staff.

"That number may not seem like a lot," Voelkel said. "But we typically run lean. We are already at minimal staffing at all times, so losing 10 percent of our staff to illness has caused a strain. We are fundamentally still doing OK."

Voelkel said he has been impressed with all of the hospital district's staff during these trying times.

"Everyone has stepped up and answered the call," Voelkel said. "No matter what situation we are put in, our staff keeps going. Even when they are exhausted. They make it happen."

On the community level, Reagan Hospital District has reported a total of 45 positive COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday. Tom Green County has reported a total of 11 for Reagan County as well.

Those two figures bring Reagan County to 56 total COVID-19 cases locally.

Reagan County Judge Jim O'Bryan has reported six recoveries through his sources with the State.

Taking those six recoveries away, Reagan County stands at 50 active cases of the virus.